Saturday, May 14, 2011

Setting up ssh on Oracle Solaris 10

Setting up ssh on Oracle Solaris 10

Before configuring ssh, one should confirm if both the machines can ping each other.
Here we have two Solaris 10 machines with hostnames sclus1 & sclus2

Configuring /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Using ssh-keygen utility to generate, manage, and convert authentication keys

Reboot the machine
bash-3.00# init 6

Using secure copy to transfer public key file to remote server (sclus2)

Create a file named authorized_keys under /.ssh and copy the contents of public key file to authorized_keys in remote server (sclus2).

Same should be the applied procedure to be followed for the other node too (if in case the other node also requires ssh login)

Verifying ssh login



Now both the nodes can ssh each other without asking for any password.

Note: It is not recommended to do so untill and unless you are sure about it. Normally it is done within clusters using private interconnect.

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