Friday, December 30, 2011

Assign your Hotkey to launch Terminal in Ubuntu 11.10

It is sometimes very convenient and fast to launch a terminal using hotkey. If you are a Unity user hotkeys surely make your life much more easier.

To assign your favorite key combination as hotkey, open your 'dash' to search for 'keyboard'.
Under 'Shortcuts' you will find 'Launchers' in left pane and if you select 'Launchers' you will find 'Launch Terminal' in the right pane with it's default hotkey.
You can click on the assigned hotkey and it will display 'New Shortcut' where you can assign your favorite key combination as your hotkey.
As you can see in the below screenshot that I have my shortcut for launching terminal assigned as Ctrl+Alt+Space

In the same way you can assign a shortcut to launch a calculator, web browser, home folder or even logout or minimize screen and many more.

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