Saturday, December 03, 2011

Changing the Window Title Bar Button Layout to Right in Ubuntu 11.10

The Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons of a window in Ubuntu 11.10 are set to left side by default. Few people find it very odd (including me) to move their mouse towards left to minimize or close a window. Here we are with a little tweak to straighten this issue.

Its needless to say that you need to have your internet turned on and open your terminal to type.
# sudo apt-get install gconf-editor

After the package is installed, we need to run it.
# gconf-editor

A window will pop-up. Navigate to apps > metacity > general and there at the right hand side find “button_layout”. The defualt value is set to “close,maximize,minimize:”
We have to change it to “:minimize,maximize,close” by right-clicking on the value and selecting “Edit Key...”.

And as soon as you do so the close button would appear on the right corner of your window. So another trick is in your Ubuntu 11.10.


  1. Aaaaaaaand it works perfectly with Ubuntu 12.04
    Thank you!