Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ubuntu 11.10 Overlay Scrollbar Removal

The more I am familiar to Ubuntu 11.10, the more I like Ubuntu 10.10. The Unity feature is particularly disliking to most of us, whereas some of us might be finding it to be more convenient to auto hide the scrollbar. This scrollbar is named as overlay scrollbar. Though it might be quite appealing to some but I fail to understand as to why one would like to auto-hide the scrollbar.

My dislike for this particular feature in Unity compelled me to switch over to the traditional one. Here is a little trick to do so.
Below shown is the scrollbar that you might be seeing.

For this feature to be removed completely we need to open Ubuntu Software Center and search for liboverlay-scrollbar. As you can see in below shown picture that I have two of them listed. So I clicked the latest one and the remove button was visible on the right side.

Now click on Remove button to remove the package.

As soon as the package is removed you will be able to see the traditional, no hide-n-seek scrollbar. In some cases we need to restart the machine and everything is normal finally.

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