Saturday, June 30, 2012

Google Earth 7 installation in Ubuntu 12.04

Google Earth is a free application from Google used for educational purpose by almost all internet users. I too normally install this application after a fresh os install. This is the best bet in terms of exact locational information we need. Well it is very easy to install this application in Ubuntu 12.04 too.
Google provides a pre-compiled .deb package to make it easier. You can find the package in the below mentioned link.

You can download a 32 or 64 bit packages according to your need and then go for the installation of the lsb-core package which you can find in your Ubuntu Software Center. In my laptop it is already installed as shown in below screenshot.

We can also install the package from the command line with the help of below mentioned command.
$ sudo apt-get install lsb-core
After the installation is complete you can now double-click on the downloaded .deb package to install it using Ubuntu Software Center which takes some time.
After it has completed you can find the application in Applications > Internet or through the dash if you are using unity desktop. But I have cinnamon desktop installed which has Menu > Internet from where you can launch Google Earth application.

That's it and the application is ready to use.


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