Monday, December 24, 2012

Upgrading Linux Kernel 3.6.10 (Stable) release in Ubuntu 12.10

Linux kernel 3.6.10 has recently released on December 10, 2012 with lots of bugfixes and improvements. Below mentioned are the some important changes.

* 7core_edac: fix panic when accessing sysfs files
* i7300_edac: Fix error flag testing
* md/raid1{,0}: fix deadlock in bitmap_unplug
    * mac80211: fix remain-on-channel (non-)cancelling
    * ARM: Kirkwood: Update PCI-E fixup
    * iwlwifi: fix the basic CCK rates calculation
    * target: Fix handling of aborted commands
    * mm: vmscan: fix endless loop in kswapd balancing
    * mm/vmemmap: fix wrong use of virt_to_page
    * Dove: Fix irq_to_pmu()
    * Dove: Attempt to fix PMU/RTC interrupts

For a full changelog, click here.

We shall upgrade the default kernel version 3.5.0-17.28 shipped with Ubuntu 12.10 to 3.6.10-030610.

Download the script to perform an automated kernel upgrade process.

Now open the terminal and run the below command from the folder where script is downloaded to make it executable.
$ sudo chmod +x

$ sudo sh

After the completion, reboot the system for the changes to take effect and after reboot run the below command to confirm the version.

$ uname -r

In case if the kernel 3.6.10 is not compatible with your system hardware, then run the below command to remove the kernel 3.6.10 and switch back to previous kernel.

$ sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.6.10-030610

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