Thursday, January 05, 2017

Introduction to CyberSecurity Warheads

"Ransomeware is more about manipulating vulnerabilities in human psychology than the adversary's technological sophistication."

--- James Scott, Sr. Fellow, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology

According to Yahoo's latest revelation, two years back half a billion Yahoo user accounts' security was compromised. Twitter experienced an outage due to massive DDoS attack on Dyn. Recently, LinkedIn's Lynda was also affected by data breach which made LinkedIn to contact 9.5 million users out of caution. These are the most recent and few to name out of many major cyber-attacks launched on small and big firms.

Cyber Security is becoming one of the major challenges for all organisations. Organisations are more concerned about frequent data breaches and are hunting for new ways to secure their vulnerable assests.

The traditional Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) was unable to handle rapidly generating large volumes of data. Hence, analysing large scale data with lowest possible latency had become the need of the hour, which in turn opened the doors for next generation security tools.

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